tiannalenee is just that, tiannalenee.

I use this site to feature my short stories, blogs, and chapters of my life. Hopefully, as you read, you find something that you can relate to, have been through or can take from. All my life, I’ve kept quiet about my life and my experiences, now is my time to share parts of me with you.


Here,  I will answer any and every question that I receive. It’s an advice column and totally anonymous. I hope that my experiences help you and if there’s anything else that I can do, I want to. So please, feel free to submit any question, comment, etc. Names will remain anonymous. It’s your way to connect with me.


Remember the short stories and chapters of your life. This is where to find mine. Everything will be under this tab. Make sure you have some time and comfy clothes, maybe even a snack, and click on the link to enjoy, everything that is, tiannalenee.


I want to be as available as possible to anyone that would like to interact with me. If you want to talk to me about anything. Go to this page, fill it out, and you’ll hear from me soon.


Go ahead, click on it. You will find information about TeaWithTLC and a link to the website.