March is such an interesting month.

For two weeks, I walked around with $5 in my pocket. I gave myself $60 for the month and I was trying to stop spending and was holding onto that last $5 for dear life.

Heading to class one morning, I parked next to this car. It was an older car and you could clearly see all of the stuff piled into the car. Normally I go about my business, but there was so much in this car that it was clear someone might be living out of it. My mind immediately started racing. Imagine being a college student living out of your car just to get an education.

Now, I have no idea if that truly is the case. Maybe this person didn’t trust their roommate, I don’t know. But God placed it on my heart and I “lost” my $5 that day. I’ve never had to deal with any situation that caused me to keep all of my close belongings with me at all times. I struggled in this decision because I didn’t want the person to think I felt bad for them, but I also wanted to help. So here’s what I did…

March Act of Kindness

I hope the person didn’t find it offensive. I just felt it on my heart to do something since I was able. Honestly wish I could have given more.