One Act of Kindness

Acts of kindness towards one another breed love, happiness, and community. I got the idea for this from a post on social media and an inherent need to help people less fortunate than I. Often times, I’ve tried to do a “random act of kindness” every day, but it never seems to last very long and after seeing that post, I’ve decided to try again, but in a different way.

I will be finding some way to benefit my community by doing One Act of Kindness. I am very excited about this and hope that you will join me! Big things, small things, anything! Anything that will benefit someone other than yourself, and when you do, post it on social media! Use the hashtag #OneActOfKindness and tag @ tiannalenee or @ teawithtlc. I am so excited to hear your stories and see the wealth of love in your hearts and communities!